Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dubstep Juggling

Timothy Dunham & Geoffrey Eisenhardt working the old school juggling routine. These guys met in 1993 and started their first business, Just Kids. Their routine was complete with juggling, unicycle and more tricks of their own. Birthday parties, grand openings, malls and weekend restaurant entertainment were just some of the many venues they performed. This business continued until 1997 when Tim's family moved out of state. However, some things never change and when Tim and Geoff get together everyone knows, they're Just Kids.

Many thanks to our mothers for contributing their time and early morning practice sessions to make us realize our potential.

Check out Timothy's photography here: TimothyDunhamPhotography.com

Friday, October 17, 2014

19th Century Wood Pile

Last year I got a hot tip from a fellow photographer that an old barn had been dissembled and was in one big pile along the Hauptstrasse.  I looked up the village and planned for scavenging trip. I invited my buddy Raymond because I knew he would appreciate old wood perfect for restoring.  What a great find! Photos from creations to come later